Interview Tips

Interview Tips

1. Research, Research, Research
Know as much as you can about the person who is interviewing you and learn what you can about the firm’s management style. Become familiar with their educational background as well as their accomplishments. Find out who are the firm’s competitors and be prepared to discuss if called upon. Focus your research on the task at hand!

2. Understand the Requirements of the Job
Thoroughly understand what is expected in that particular position. Practice ways to communicate how your background and knowledge can easily translate to the position. Find concise ways to communicate your skills and abilities and stick to how your background relates to this particular position. Target your questions and your responses!

3. Successful Responses
It’s always easier to recall your responses when you put them into story form. With this methodology, there is no need to memorize your responses but instead, develop talking points from which to base your short stories.

4. Dress for Success
Purchase a multi-interview wardrobe that is interchangeable and affordable. You get one chance to make a first impression, and it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Try the mix and match approach with a nice dark suit (pants and blazer or skirt and jacket) which can be worn with different shirts and blouses. Make sure your interview outfit is clean and pressed and ready to go at all times. Accessorize your outfit with a refined eye and keep the accessories to a minimum. Make sure your shoes are conservative and clean. Do not eat, drink or smoke before your interview and always brush your teeth and use mouthwash. It’s all in the details!

5. Preparation is Key
The night before your interview, prepare at least 3 copies of your résumé and list of references. Make sure to “pack” in a nice carry case a few pens and a pad of paper. When you arrive at your interview, shut off you cell phone and do not turn it on again until you are back in your car!

6. Arrive on Time
There is never an excuse to be late to an interview. Leave yourself enough time for the worst of traffic and car issues. If you arrive super early, sit tight until it’s 15 minutes until your scheduled interview time. Then, go into the interview with enough time to settle yourself. You might find it interesting to have these minutes to observe the office dynamics. Never look at your cell phone, not even in the lobby or waiting area!

7. Body Language and More
Just as important as your thoughtful questions and responses is your body language. Be sure to maintain eye contact (but don’t stare), sit up straight, lean in and nod. Fidgeting will get you nowhere but the door. Make sure you listen to the person conducting the interview and ask your insightful questions only when you notice the time is right. Never interrupt, even when you think you might not be able to hold your thought. The smart job seeker will have questions prepared and memorized for just the right moment!
Whether you utilize the helpful services of a skilled recruiter or placement specialist or decide to try it on your own, getting that job offer depends on you. Interviewing is a skill that is acquired by research and practice.